Sheffield Beauty Queen Game Show Hostess

 Sheffield Celeb Christine Owen

On my induction visit to Newfield High School for Girls in 1966, I was shown around the school, including the assembly hall, where two or three fifth year girls were performing dance rehersals on stage. One of the girls was Christine Owen, a tall, pretty dark-haired girl who danced with such grace and carried herself with elegant deportment.

Christine became a celebrity, winning beauty competitions at Skegness Butlins, runner up in the Miss Reveille Competition, and later going on to become a hostess in Nicolas Parsons’ Sale of the Century game show in 1978.

Sheffield beauty queen Christine OwenArticle about Sheffield Beauty Queen, Christine Owen, which appeared in a 1970/71 Skegness local newspaper:

Christine Owen Telegram the KO for beauty heat winner!

MINUTES after winning the Holiday Princess contest at Butlins Holiday Camp, Skegness, on Sunday, 19-year-old Christine Owen received a telegram which led to her disqualification and lost her the chance to win £1,000 and a new car.
Christine of 206, Heeley Bank Road, Sheffield, who is engaged to Sheffield Wednesday footballer Brian Joycey, arrived at Butlins for a week’s holday on Saturday.
A former Miss Great Britain who was runner up in last year’s National Miss Reveille Competition, Christine was a popular winner of the holiday Princess competition which is designed to attract the average young holiday maker.

The 36-25-36 beauty from Sheffeld was a popular winner of the Skegness heat at the Princess Ballroom.
Then came the telegram. It told her she had to catch the 10.10 flight from London Airport that evenng and change planes at Versailles for BarceIlona where she was to appear in the Miss Europe contest.
She packed quickly and left not realising that it would mean her disqualification at Butlins. For she had failed to read the small print of her entry form which specified that she must be resident at the camp for at least three days.
The jet-set beauty from Sheffield hadn’t a leg to stand on.
Her place has been taken by the runner-up 27-year-old Mrs Linda Little, of 15 Beris Road Fairfield, Stockton, whose statistics are 36-24-36. A telephonist/receptionist, she is staying in Skegness for the week.

Sheffield beauty queen Christine Owen

15 Responses to “Sheffield Beauty Queen Game Show Hostess”

  1. Georgia Says:

    This beautiful woman is my mother…i am hugely proud of her and i burst out laughing when i read this innacurate article!! She was never engaged to Brian Jocey and i hardly think that disqualification from Butlins led to a down fall in her career! I am blessed with not only a beautiful mother, but one who is smart, funny and loving! Get your facts right before you right rubbish!!!

  2. tinkerbelle Says:

    christine owen was never miss gt britain or anywhere near it [check the miss gt britain website] im afraid the foolish woman likes to rewrite history,she told many people years ago that she was engaged to brian joicey. it seems she has a selective memory,and this ill bred, back street wannabe should remember where she came from

  3. Alan Hammersmith Says:

    This article is infact very innacurate. Christine was infact Miss Britian, not Miss ‘Great’ Britain therefore the comment directly above is highly innacurate in itself. A true lady of Sheffield, i grew up on the same road as her and followed her career with great admiration. Christine was certainly not ill bred. Her parents were great friends of mine and my late wife. She had many sucsessful competition wins and we were both very proud to see her develop on ‘Sale of the Century’. There are obviously some very bitter people out there who are jealous of her sucesses. What an awful thing to write above.

  4. Susan Lane Says:

    Lovely woman, still see her around Sheffield every now and then. I was only a fan of hers and she is always the same-kind and well liked. Her career never changed her! I served her in John Lewis (Coles) over many years. Always has a smile on her face!

  5. pauline jackson Says:

    went to school with christine crapper, nee owen, she was quite common but always bragging about something or other. a couple of years ago i went to a funeral and she was there, still bragging, still very common looking,i actually felt sorry for her, heading for sixty, trying to look twenty,and desperate for a wealthy man to take her on.i hope she finds what she is looking for,somehow i think she is well past her sell by date.

  6. Mrs Taylor Says:

    I also went to school with Christine, but i don’t remember you Pauline. Are you sure you aren’t just another jealous person who doesn’t actually know her?
    This site is to celebrate the great memories of Sheffield, not to post your bitter unfounded thoughts on people! I have not seen Christine for a while but have never found her to be a person who brags or courts wealth. I would be careful what you write publicly. There is a way of easily finding out who you really are and what you are writing is slander. Be very careful. I hope Christine is well and like the other positive comments on here think she is a lovely woman. The support i found from her when i met her years after school through Weston Park was wonderful, i can’t thank her enough.

  7. To the blog author.... Says:

    Who owns this blog? I think there are certain comments which need to be removed before action for defamation of character is put into play. This article is not even accurate. Can the blogger please make contact by e-mail or remove these comments as soon as possible. A complaint has already been made to the host website.

  8. ClaireBear Says:

    A comment to Pauline Jackson-

    I know Christine very well and a couple of years ago i doubt she was at a funeral -as you so eloquently put it-looking common-as she was battling for her life after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I doubt a bald women in a head scarf could be described as ’60 trying to look 20′. Christine is a wonderful friend, who unlike you rarely has a bad word to say about anyone.

  9. whoever you are? Says:

    Some strong opinions expressed here. Being a mere impartial observer one is reminded of the old maxim. No smoke without fire.

  10. Andrew Says:

    I used to work in Walsh’s (Rackhams) when Christine used to model clothing and swimwear. She was gorgeous in every way.
    Don’t people write some horrible things?

  11. Paddy A Sweeney Says:

    My name is Paddy Sweeney a retired Vet living in Beverley with my wife Jane, our lawyer son Walter and his wife Nuala a consultant at the local hospitals. I met Christine Owen when she was Miss Britain for ’72. She was in the photo taken at Hyde Park when I presented the trophy to the connections of the winner of the Greyhound Council of Britain trophy. The dog was trained at Old Clipstone by the famous Joe Booth who died in ’88. Miss Owen stroked the dog tenderly and I remember her as a charming young lady.

  12. Dave Tingle Says:

    People really do become quite bitter and twisted when they start to leave comments about the past and how they knew someone and generally slaughter their character when they didn’t really know them. I haven’t seen Christine for a long time but I lived close to Christine on Richards Road at Heeley and went to Newfield School with her. I was also her partner at tennis playing at school. You couldn’t have met a nicer and more thoughtful person if you tried. I am sorry to hear the comment earlier of how she was fighting breast cancer and really hope she has fought the fight. We should be bigging her up with what she achieved not kickiong as seems to be the norm.

  13. B.Ponsford Says:

    Great Lady! Aren’t people cruel? So sad to see so much jealousy!! Good on your Christine and so amusing to read such an inaccurate article!

  14. Sally-Ann Fawcett Says:

    Christine was runner up to Miss Great Britain 1975.

  15. Sally-Ann Fawcett Says:

    She was and is a great beauty!

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